What is live dealer poker?

Live dealer poker is the next big step in online poker. Playing poker games online using a live dealer system grants players a more immersive gaming experience. The best Australian online casinos offer these games the same kind of ease of use interface found online. However this differs from these sites as this offers a live broadcast of a real dealer that is dealing the cards to players. Players are still able to make the bets, and use the same actions as done digitally, but the live dealer poker offers a more traditional feel to the gaming experience and provides a real and authentic casino atmosphere to players

What are the differences between live dealer poker and standard online poker?

The live dealer system is designed to be played much like the online poker. The most significant difference is that there is an increase in time allocated to complete your hand. This system is not for players wanting to manage many hands at once and is more slowly paced to stimulate a poker table at a real casino. This allows players to be more methodical and strategic in their style of online poker casino and hands can take minutes to play out.

The second biggest difference is that a RNG or random number generator is not used to deal the cards, instead there is a live dealer who is doing all of the dealing, the live dealer poker system allows for the replacement of the random number generator and is replaced by live shuffling and card dealing which feels more like a casino atmosphere and reduces the possibility of foul play.

Rules of the live dealer system

There are no significant differences between the rules of online poker and the poker games online involving a live broadcasted dealer. Games are played against the house and require the dealer to qualify with a pair of fours or better. This system allows for ten to thirty seconds when making a decision on the hand dealt or the system will deem the player inactive and will cost the player that hand. The best Australian online casinos offer a live chat which allows you to interact with other players at the table.

Choosing your site

When choosing a live dealer poker site, be sure to use one that listed as one of our recommended best Australian online casinos, as they offer high quality streaming and a large gaming selection. Most online poker sites offer a single player and a multiplayer option which can accommodate for up to nine players. Oversized cards are often used in these live dealer poker broadcasts as to ensure the players get the greatest possible experience when playing poker games online. The bigger cards allow for more visibility with regards to the suite and number of each card dealt. The cards are always dealt visibly to promote fair play and the live chat allows players to request the cards be dealt again much like in a casino. This offers online poker players the authentic casino atmosphere when playing poker games online.

For all the best live dealer poker simply select one of the recommended casinos found here and start playing authentic and realistic games in the comfort of your own home.